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Man’s most ambitious experiment becomes mankind’s greatest threat ...


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Phoenix Connor
Phoenix Connor

‘Marvelously engrossing, Crater has enough spellbinding intrigue to satisfy the most avid reader of adventure.’
#1 New York Times author Clive Cussler

Crater is a colorful adventure thriller full of imagination and breathless action.’
#1 New York Times author Dean Koontz

BIOGRAPHY: A lifelong passion for adventure thrillers led to Phoenix Connor becoming a full-time writer in 2004 ... More

THE ROAD TO CRATER: What was your road to publication like? It had several detours. When I began writing novels, I explored a variety of popular genres ... More

FAQ: How much research did you do for Crater? Important avenues of research started with books, magazines, and documentaries, along with some internet sites ... More

NEXT BOOK: Phoenix Connor’s next book is an adventure thriller set in an ancient city in present-day Turkey ... More

SCIENCE LINKS: If you’d like to explore the science behind Crater, here are some internet sites ... More

READERS’ COMMENTS:Crater has wonderful characters, is crammed with twists and turns ...” More

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